Level Editor

The level editor screen

Included with SMBx, is the games official Level Editor. More so, it lends itself to be more of an Episode Creator as users may use it to build an entire Episode from the ground up that includes, maps, levels, secrets and even cinimatic story moments, if worked correctly.

Editor ModesEdit

The Editor is broken into two distinct editing modes. The World Editor, and the Level Editor.

The World Editor allows the user to create a world map that contains levels the players may enter and adventure within.

The Level Editor, which contains many more features than the aformentioned World Editor, allows the user to create Levels containing many of thier favorite Mario Era features.

Many Mario Era enemies, blocks, items, music and backgrounds are included.
SMB1, SMB2, SMB3 and Super Mario World, objects are present and usuable in the levels. Even some SM64 music is available for use.

Growth of the EditorEdit

With every version release, users find themselves with even more features, enemies and items to work with.

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